We are receiving a great response as we are ramping up the launch of VITA!  We can't wait to share more information with everyone.
We are receiving tons of interest and I will be attempting to answer all inquiries and questions from shareholders and prospective shareholders alike.
Please feel free to submit your inquiries and I will try to answer many of the questions here each week.
Thank you,
Sean Guerrero


How many shares are in the float?
There are currently about 79,472,792 shares in the float.

What is VMSI/Vita Mobile Systems business focus and operations consist of?
We will be discontinuing all mining operations. Moving forward, VMSI’s business will be solely dedicated to Vita Mobile Systems. Our future will be focused on developing mobile applications, algorithms and technologies to further the advancement of digital imaging technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

Will there be filtering of content that is posted to VITA?
VITA plans on shifting the norms of social media by utilizing unfiltered first hand imagery to illustrate locations and events happening all around us.

When will the name and ticker change for Vita Mobile Systems take effect?
We have submitted our paperwork with the appropriate regulatory agencies, but do not have an official timeline about how long this process takes.

Are there any plans to uplist VITA from PinkSheets?
In our efforts to grow our company we plan to eventually upgrade the listing of our company stock from OTC PinkSheets. We have a goal of becoming a fully reporting SEC company in the future.