What is VITA 
VITA is an exciting new app for iOS and Android smart mobile devices that will use public perspective to illustrate locations and current events as they unfold.  VITA's focus is to integrate a simplified camera and other streamlined tools championed by other ultra-successful apps to create the largest organic source for viewing life as it happens.

VITA has developed an array of tools that will allow users to upload exponentially more content than any other app.  VITA’s easy to use camera and app based platform will collect a massive amount of big data to pursue the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Our algorithms will be able to analyze the millions of pictures & videos that are being captured by on a daily basis to interpret behavior, anticipate need, and satisfy the public's growing thirst for immediate information.  VITA the app provides the platform to become a leader in the formation of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Why VITA is different 
VITA introduces it’s easy to use camera and reorganizes the process for posting pictures & videos to a simple point, shoot, and post anything you see. VITA’s new platform unveils a social media world without the manicured profiles, lust for popularity, and "social pressures" associated with social media today. VITA's non-traditional social media platform will be a benevolently disruptive tool for consumption of media and targeted advertising since it will result in a ton more pictures and videos being posted.


  • Create Social Responsibility to contribute community driven updates like WAZE.

  • Fuel the addictive picture and video consuming of INSTAGRAM

  • Utilize the easy camera tools of SNAPCHAT to capture every facet of life, as it happens all around.

  • Encourage the unfiltered perspective of YIK YAK & REDDIT

  • Deliver easy to find map-based points of interest (events) like GAS BUDDY

Many current social media apps are introducing location-based content, but most can only be shared within the user’s closed network of friends and limits what can truly be shown. VITA introduces an open network where all media can be shared openly, unfiltered, and with no boundaries.

VITA will use a combination of entertaining map-emojis, preselected location-based notifications of new events and updates to constantly engage our users. Mobile push notifications, text messages, and email marketing will ensure a steady flow of traffic within the VITA app and will also build a user's habit and reliance on VITA to see what is happening around them.

As VITA cultivates hundreds of millions of downloads, the company will have the ability to use the GPS mapping to display international, national and hyper-local advertising. VITA will reach the captivated users, who are scrolling through a multitude of pictures/videos, with sponsors and targeted advertisement. This expansive advertising model is unique to this type of app, which positions VITA as an extremely valuable and rich acquisition target for other social media and media types of companies. VITA can generate not only traditional revenue opportunities with picture and video page views, but can also capitalize on more profitable, hyper-local advertising as well as 2-D and 3-D augmented reality advertising.  Additionally, our algorithms and interpretation of our collection of big data will become extremely valuable assets.

Social Responsibility and the VITA community
WAZE, the largest community-based traffic/navigation app, leverages its 50 million users to create a social responsibility to update the entire community in sharing traffic/road info, police sightings, and even gas prices. Updating WAZE and benevolently providing information creates a level of gratification for its users in knowing they helped the community as a whole.  This just confirms that people are inherently gratified by sharing various moments with others in an app based community setting. We will fuel that same social responsibility for spreading knowledge/information/details with eye-witness accounts for the entire VITA community to see.