Vita Mobile Systems is an app company focusing on digital imaging and technology in mobile devices. VITA, their first app release, makes it easy to illustrate, record and share life's events creating an immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life. The VITA community empowers it's users to experience an event or view a location from a multitude of perspectives.  By using a familiar and user friendly map to locate images & videos, users can easily view content as soon as it is created and also share their favorites on their regular social media networks. Life’s moments are precious and worth saving. VITA makes viewing these moments easier, faster, and more engaging.

The Company will be led by an innovative executive team of serial entrepreneurs with 10 plus years each of successful venture experience in the internet space including Sean Guerrero (CEO), Kyle Kohler (CTO). This team will also be supported by a strong board of directors including Martin R. Wade, III (Board Chairman/CFO), Sean Guerrero, Colin Walker and Dr. Son Pham, PhD.

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